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Donghua Update

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  1. Xianwu Emperor
  2. The God Devourer
  3. Matchless Emperor season 2
  4. yao dao[demon]supreme season 4
  5. chaos golden crow
  6. The Strongest master(Supreme Way)
  7. shengxu season 2


  1. Rebirth: i am heaven god
  2. Martial Arts Reigns
  3. Ancient Martial Artist in the city season 3
  4. I Can Change The Timeline of Everything
  5. The Rebirth Of The Demon God(The Demonic Taoist)
  6. I have a Million Skill Points


  1. Star Spirit Dark Emperor
  2. Supreme dantian
  3. Opening Sign-in Super God Seal Card
  4. peerless soul of war
  5. I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies
  6. One Move to Explode the Cultivation Realm Season 1
  7. refining 100000 levels
  8. Reborn 80,000 years(the star emperor)
  9. I rely on rewarding apprentices to upgrade
  10. Dragon god


  1. Sword Immortal Martial Emperor
  2. Martial Arts Reigns
  3. Xianwu Emperor
  4. Ancient Martial Artist in The City season 3
  5. I Am The Great Immortal
  6. My master is so fierce  season 2
  7. Chaos Golden Crow
  8. Yao Dao(Demon) Supreme season 4
  9. Hundreds of millions of apprentices are returned: being a teacher is invincible in the world
  10. Demon Magic Emperor
  11. I have returned from heaven and earth season 2
  12. My disciples are all over the world
  13. the strongest master
  14. chinese miracle doctor[still not]


  1. Legend of sky lord/shen wu tianzun
  2. God of war against the sky
  3. A Penny in The Beginning
  4. Martial inverse/Wu ni
  5. Rebirth: I am the Heaven God Season 2
  6. start reborn thousand times season 2
  7. Against the gods season 2
  8. One sword sovereign season 2
  9. The ten great emperors at the beginning are all my apprentices
  10. I lived in seclusion for 100,000 years
  11. Return of immortal emperor Season 2
  12. Rise From The Rubble(I Rise Alone)
  13. Ten Thousand Devils Head are five and half years old
  14. Son-In-Law Above Them All
  15. The Invincible Ancestor in Modern World Season 2
  16. My Wife is a Demon Queen
  17. A Penny in The Beginning


  1. peerless /battle spirit/Soul of war
  2. I have a Million Skill Points
  3. I’m Trapped on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years Season 3
  4. My master is super fierce Season 2
  5. First class servent
  6. dragon god
  7. Start Reborn a Thousand Times Season 2
  8. wu ni season 4
  9.  Ya dao supreme season 4
  10. All apprentices are bosses season 2
  11. Return of urban immortal season 2
  12. nine heaven god emperor season 3
  13. The God Devourer
  14. The Strongest master(supreme way)
  15. Star Spirit Dark Emperor
  16. Invincible at the Start
  17. I lived in seclusion for 100,000 years
  18. Xuantian Supreme
  19. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Season 2
  20. The Strongest God King
  21. Gun fire
  22. chinese miracle doctor
  23. god level upgrade System
  24. tang yin in another world
  25. i rely on bug become king
  26. Ruler of ten thousand ways


  1. 1.god of martial arts[friday or saturday and sunday]
  2. Infinite Apostles and the Twelve Fighting Princesses
  3. Shengxu Season 2{Holy Market/sacred ruins}
  4. Almighty master Season 2
  5. Rebirth of The Emperor season 2[from ep 27]
  6. The strongest abandon less
  7. All apprentices are bosses season 2
  8. i can copy talents
  9. rebirth of urban immortal season 2
  10. I am trapped for hundred thousands of years on same day season 3
  11. Apprentices are Witches
  12. The ten great emperors at the beginning are my apprentices
  13. Tang yin in another world
  14. Opening Sign-in Super God Seal Card
  15. The Strongest God King

Completed Animes